30 Minute Health Breaks

Workplace Wellness Delivered Fast

The Wellness First “30-minute health breaks” workplace wellness program is a set of short and sharp presentations followed with a question and answer session on various health and wellbeing topics.

As always with our workplace wellness programs, the Wellness First health breaks are designed to give you and your team practical tools to enhance your health and wellbeing and feel great, with minimum impact timewise on the business.

The health breaks workplace wellness program can be scheduled during a lunch break as a lunch-and-learn forum. They are open to larger groups of people.

The health breaks are spaced optimally to allow for implementation of what has been learnt between sessions.

Some of the topics we cover in the lunch-and-learn corporate wellness programs are:

  • An overview on how to build resilience
  • Stress: identifying symptoms and stressors
  • Powerful stress management strategies
  • Energy: how to raise your energy levels
  • Energy: learning how to manage your body chemistry for optimum energy levels
  • The importance of a positive mindset and how to develop it
  • Meditation and visualisation for a better life
  • How to practice mindfulness
  • Work life balance: how to achieve it!
  • Hydration: the importance of a well hydrated body
  • Nutrition: general principles
  • Weight management principles
  • Nutrition: raw versus cooked foods – best ways to prepare your food
  • Nutrition: healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks; how to eat well and keep sane
  • Nutrition: should we supplement or not?
  • Cleansing diet and juicing
  • Foods that keep diseases away
  • Sleep: the importance of quality sleep and how to get it
  • Exercise: the importance of exercise; how regularly and what type of activities should you do?
  • Body and mind: how to grow young

For more information or to book a lunch-and-learn corporate wellness session, please call Jeannine Walsh on 0413 989 019 or e-mail us at theteam@wellnessfirst.net.au

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