One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one wellbeing and life coaching

  • Are you lacking energy, feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life’s pressures?
  • Are you struggling with your weight and emotional eating?
  • Do you need more balance in your life?
  • Do you feel you are not performing to your full potential?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to become healthier and happier?

Our one-to-one coaching enables you to become more aware of your current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies through specifically designed practices to achieve outcomes that matter to you.

Call us on 0413 989 019 or email us at the to arrange for an initial free 30 minute phone or online consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

What Others Have Said About Our One-to-One Coaching

Life coaching with Camille has been an exciting life-changing experience. We worked together at a time of major changes in my business and personal life. Camille acts as a wonderful facilitator. She is client focused and expresses personal feedback in an empathetic, empowering way. The prompt and open communications made the process easy to fit into my hectic schedule. I was inspired to work through the practices with excitement and a sense of adventure. It has been an empowering experience and has given me confidence to tackle my new endeavours as well as given me the tools for future ones.
I highly recommend Camille as a life coach and know that you will also enjoy working with her.

~ Sam Fischer: Fellow Society of Certified Practising Accountants

When starting to work with Camille my intent was to lose weight but I learned so much more. I have now changed my approach to food after years of being on diets. I have become aware of how my emotional state affects what and how much I eat. I am now able to choose what I eat. I sleep more soundly. I have started to exercise again and feel so much better about myself. I have regained self-confidence and feel very grateful when I see how my life has turned around. Thank you so much.

~ Jill Smith, Leura

I want to thank Camille for being such an inspiring and supportive mentor. Thanks to our clear and focused sessions, I have been able to identify key issues for personal change. I am now able to relate more authentically with others and engage in life more fully and actively. Through daily practices and reflective exercises I have built self-confidence and resilience. I feel empowered as I have now clear strategies and skills to pursue my goals and dreams in the future. My work with Camille has been a very rewarding experience.

~ Bronwen Jones, Bullaburra