Online Video Coaching

SOLUTIONS that teach your team how to have a healthier, more efficient lifestyle.

Our wellness coaching online program teaches you and your team how to have a healthier, more efficient lifestyle.

The Wellness First wellness coaching online program is modulated, self-paced and flexible, to accommodate the  challenges of scheduling employees and changes in daily business demands. It is cost effective and easy to implement and use.

The wellness coaching online program consists of 15 modules which cover topics such as:

1. Hydrate and Be Well
2. The Power of Nutrition
3. Understanding Dairy Products
4. The Impact of Sugars
5. Carbohydrates…Good or Bad?
6. The Truth about Fats
7. Supplements?
8. Diets for Better Health
9. Increasing Energy Levels
10. Sleeping Well
11. Exercise for Vitality
12. Releasing Stress
13. Developing a Positive Attitude
14. Introduction to Meditation
15. Creating Work/ Life Balance

Each module of wellness coaching is between 10 and 20 minutes in duration and comes with slides and easy-to-apply action steps at the end of each presentation. This enables the learning to be implemented to create improvements in wellbeing and vitality that result in a happier, more productive life.

The online wellness coaching program includes:

  • A 12 month membership, per individual, to view the program online, at anytime
  • Printable ‘Action Steps’ with each of the 15 coaching modules
  • Downloads to MP3 files of each module to keep you motivated
  • A free subscription to 52 weeks of health tips by email from Wellness First

For more information about our online wellness coaching program or for other types of corporate wellness programs, please call Jeannine Walsh on 0413 989 019 or  e-mail us at