Live In Wellness Program

Come relax, have fun and learn how easy it is to live a healthy and happy life.


At Wellness First we are passionate about empowering people to create healthier and happier lives. Not only do we teach our wellness program in a corporate setting but we also offer you and your team a 2 to 3 day live-in retreat in order to further enhance your experience.

The Wellness First live-in wellness retreat gives you the opportunity to relax and have fun while learning practical ways on how to eat well, sleep better, release stress, naturally experience higher energy levels and reconnect to greater peace of mind and renewed focus.

During the course of the retreat, you will learn how to:

  • establish healthy living habits
  • see how easy it is to prepare healthy, nourishing foods
  • learn simple and gentle ways to relax and exercise
  • have the time to unwind while nurturing both body and mind.



For more information or to book your retreat, please call Jeannine Walsh on 0413 989 019
or e-mail us at