Wellness First offers consulting services to help you with the successful development and implementation of a customised corporate wellness program. Our approach to workplace wellness is practical. We look at the size of your organisation, small, medium or large, bearing in mind budget, facilities available and time-frame to achieve your objectives with regards to workplace wellness.

A Development Partnership

In partnership with you, we customise the most appropriate solutions for your organisation and your employees. We identify needs, review the current situation and do a gap analysis by comparing the current situation against identified needs. We then develop a strategy and establish a step-by-step program to achieve your objectives.

We not only address the individual wellbeing of your employees but also consider how to develop current organisational policies and workplace environment to create a more engaging and healthier workplace.

To find out more about Wellness First consulting services and training programs, give us a call on 0413 989 019 or contact us via email: