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What Our Valued Clients Have Said About Us

On joining BT Life Insurance I decided to run the ‘wellness first’ program across all operation teams with a strong focus on the contact centre staff given their high sick leave and reduced productivity. There were a number of reasons why we opted to run this particular course, including undertaking training for staff that was not necessarily work related, to give the staff the opportunity to experience new ways of thinking, reduce sick leave within the area as well as reduce costs by increasing productivity.

The feedback from all the attendees was extremely positive with staff adopting many of the initiatives.

As a result of the program, we were able to track sick leave reduction from an average of 10.5 days per annum to 7.1 to 7.6 days per annum, and in line with the productivity target we achieved an increase in output of 13%.

I highly recommend this program for all staff at all levels.

Head of Customer Relations & Operations – Insurance

As a long-term practitioner in a number of organisations, I had identified the need to ensure the health and wellbeing of my team especially with the strong connection between the frontline staff and the impact on customer experience.

At American Express we engaged with Wellness First International to deliver to our leadership team and our frontline staff a fundamental understanding of their holistic program.

The business was able to deliver a 10% reduction in sick leave and a 14% reduction in turnover. In addition the NPS (Net Promoter Score) improved by some 34 basis points due to the ‘right people being in the right place at the right time , in a great frame of mind’.

Vice President, World Service

We decided to choose the ‘wellness first’ program to assist us with our People and Change Management program at Synergy. With a new customer information and billing system to be implemented during 2009, we believed having our staff focussing on their own Health & Wellbeing during the stressful period would have a positive impact on the business and our people.

Starting with the hydration module our CSR’s have embraced a change in pace for their team meetings & been pleasantly surprised with the information delivered.

Direct feedback from one of our CSR’s Ryan, highlighted that he really benefited from the information saying: “I drink lots more water and feel better as a result, I never realised how important water was. I don’t feel as tired in the afternoons anymore.”

Manager Customer Service

The Customer Contact Centre (CCC) values the health and wellbeing of its staff and as such, chose to invest in the Wellness @ Work program. The return of investment has been tangible from day 1.

Being much more health conscious, we found CCC Team Members have developed healthy habits both on a personal and professional level which has contributed to a marked improvement in our attendance and engagement.

General Manager Customer Contact Centres

I have been using the program for my staff for over 4 years now and have found it to be a positive reinforcement of how important it is to have a healthy work and life balance.

All of our new recruits now attend the program and give overwhelming feedback in relation to how it has helped them build a better balance in their working environment.

I would highly recommend this program to any employer who wants the best for their people.

NSW Telephone Business Retail Sales & Service

We would like to thank Wellness First for facilitating a positive change in our office. Wellness First showed our team members how important and easy it is to look after their everyday health through nutrition, exercise and positivity. Furthermore how these changes made can make a huge difference to not only their personal life but their working life as well. They are now understanding what work – life –balance actually means and are all working toward this newfound balance.

Dental Corporation team members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would like to thank Camille for sharing her knowledge and passion with us. Our team is feeling motivated about pursuing a new healthier lifestyle.

General Manager
Marketing, Strategy and Operations